What 1.2 Tb of AIS data can tell you

Global AIS Tracks

Spire Maritime’s AIS data is not just used as a solution for vessel tracking and fleet management, it can also be analyzed to answer various business challenges or to create performance reports. The team at Spire enjoys getting tactile with our data, taking different samples to demonstrate industry-specific use-cases, to compare it with other datasets or create beautiful data visualizations. AIS data, like most data-based products, is invisible, so when it comes to understanding, comparing or demonstrating its value it can be quite a challenge. Look out for a lot more data samples, and use-case specific data points this year as we endeavor to illustrate the value of our data a lot more.

Our Complete 2018 AIS Dataset came in around 1.2 terabytes! We crunched through it and picked 5 random data points.

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