Maritime Analytics beyond AIS Data

SPIRE SENSE CLOUD offers a one-stop-shop for maritime data analytics. Our customers are companies who want best-in-class maritime domain awareness and state-of-the-art vessel tracking. We help you get there. Learn more

Better than real time

Access built-in predictive analytics to see past, present and future vessel information.

Accurate Data

Receive highly accurate, decluttered and verified terrestrial and satellite data, how and when you need it.

Enhanced vessel data

Build a full maritime picture with integrated vessel data and make better decisions.

"Spire's easy-to-use API had us up and running in minutes. We were able to effortlessly complete a visualization proof-of-concept for a client" Keith, President, 40GEO

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  • More with AIS

    Our offering spans from low latency raw feeds to smart, flexible APIs that let you combine S-AIS and T-AIS with intelligent add-ons allowing you to customise your data lake for specific regions, frequencies and vessels.


    Spire Sense Cloud uses big data to develop next generation intelligent vessel tracking and monitoring solutions. To that end, we combine our AIS data with curated data sets, like Enhanced Vessel Data and weather data, for full maritime awareness.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Our APIs are constantly evolving with intelligent algorithms that not only predict vessel locations but also provide insights to known issues such as high traffic noise.

  • Better decision making

    Deep dive into historical data to solve business challenges and compare performance. Customers use our data sets and APIs in unique ways, to solve their own unique challenges including dark vessel detection , port berth arrivals, greenhouse emissions and wave load estimations.



Raw NMEA AIS best for low latency needs




Cleansed AIS data accessible via flexible, easy-to-use APIs, ideal for optimising workflows and maritime domain applications



Ongoing intelligence integrations such as curated data and predictive analytics, the best choice for next generation maritime intelligence.


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