We provide data & analytics that deliver insights into the parts of the world where collecting shipping data is notoriously difficult. Vessels can often go un-tracked in remote regions. Spire's satellites excel in covering these areas and our APIs are unmatched in empowering users to take advantage of this unique data.


Our APIs (Messages and Vessels) provide decoded and high quality AIS data via a modern developer-enabled interface. Our Sense API handles common use cases out of the box, so you can focus on getting ahead, not simply just getting started with AIS data.

Sense Predict AI API

Our Sense Predict API uses machine-learning models that are customized for specific regions and vessel types to provide up-to-8-hour forecasts of vessel positions. This powerful predictive AI gives you better-than-real-time knowledge.

Enhanced Vessel Data

Spire aggregates industry leading datasets. Combined with our own data, the API can tackle large scale solutions around route efficiency, emission planning, and raw commodity cargo estimation which require additional vessel information. 

"Spire's easy-to-use API had us up and running in minutes. We were able to effortlessly complete a visualization proof-of-concept for a client ".

Keith - 40GEO

Example AIS data track from a northern sea route. Created with our API and Esri ArcGIS Online.