PORTS AND SHIPPING ARE HIGHLY IMPACTED BY WEATHER: With a constant focus to conserve fuel, reduce emissions and safely increase productivity. It is more important than ever to have access to highly valuable and easy to use weather forecast information. Spire Forecast helps optimize the correct speeds to arrive at ports on time. Illuminates risk on routes such as the Red Sea’s Tokar Gap, and provides open ocean forecast data to better reduce cargo sweat and reduce cargo damage.

More Valuable forecast

Hourly forecasts for the first 24 hours + every 6 hours up to 7 days with 12km / 1/8th degree resolution for every ocean and sea.


Modern APIs designed for ease of use and integration into existing work flows. We offer outstanding support that helps you start ingesting data and building apps quickly.

Continuous IMprovement

Ship owners need to know how best to ventilate based on humidity and dew point. Forecast data over open oceans enable optimal decisions to prevent cargo sweat.


    The most commonly used weather surface variables:

    • Air temperature at screen level
    • Relative humidity
    • Dewpoint temperature
    • The eastward component of the horizontal wind at 10 meters AGL
    • The northward component of the horizontal wind at 10 meters AGL
    • Air pressure adjusted to mean sea level
    • Accumulated precipitation at surface level
    • Instantaneous wind gust speed at 10m AGL


    • Sea Surface Temperature
    • Ocean Currents (eastward component)
    • Ocean Currents (northward component)
    • Significant Wave Height

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