You can experience our satellite AIS data and apply it to your unique use-cases in a number of different ways. Determining the value of data varies greatly depending on your desired business outcomes and what information you want to prioritize. Keep reading to find out how you can start working with AIS data today and improve your decision-making.

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This demo shows you how AIS data integrates easily with visualisation platforms, using our in-house platform* we also demonstrate how Spire Sense Cloud integrates weather data into its premium predictive model.

*Get in touch if you are interested in learning more about visualising our data. 

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Our data is easily accessible and our APIs are designed to integrate into your applications seamlessly and improve your decision making. The developer portal give you free access to our API to track ten unique vessels per day using real AIS data for free.

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Let’s talk about how Spire Sense Cloud can improve your business. Take a look at our terms and conditions to learn more about how you can access and use our data.