AIS data APIs with built-in maritime intelligence

Spire Sense Cloud gives you unprecedented vessel tracking capability. Our satellites deliver comprehensive AIS data from anywhere on Earth—with local or global coverage. Our cutting-edge APIs provide predictive, better-than-real-time functionality. See pricing

Data usage permits

Different companies want to use and share our data in very different ways. For example, a small company with a dozen employees might only want to use our data and API internally, just for themselves. Whereas another company might want to act as a partner or distributor and deliver our APIs and data sets to their own customers.

That is why we have levels that set expectations around how extensively you can use and share our data.

  1. Internal usage only: For companies with up to 250 employees, this permit level is open to all subscription levels.
  2. Derivative works: For Standard and Premium users. This allows use of Spire data for analysis, heat maps, and reports outside of Spire.
  3. Customer application: For Premium users only. This is for companies who have their own software/applications and who want to display our data online or via their product.
  4. Distribution: This is for plugging Spire Maritime API into a third-party application with or without additional data sources with commercial intent. This permit level requires a separate contract.

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