What we do

We are revolutionizing how maritime data is collected, analyzed, and delivered. We are doing more with the data you already use (like AIS). We are building intelligent machine-learning algorithms that predict vessel locations and ETAs. Spire has the world’s largest constellation of maritime satellites, giving you the ultimate vantage point for observing the world’s ships. Our satellites see everything, everywhere, around the clock.

Keep reading to see why Spire is the future of AIS data and maritime analytics.

Augmented maritime data and flexible APIS

Spire Sense Cloud delivers our data in the form of an intelligent and easy-to-use API, which lets you apply it to solve your unique challenge or those your customers face. Our APIs cleanse and augment our AIS data in various ways, including:

  • Emphasizing the most reliable sources of AIS data
  • Reducing the noise and unreliable signals that often affect AIS data
  • Augmenting AIS data with fleet/vessel data sets (IMO, call sign, name, tonnage, etc.)
  • Separating AIS data streams that originate from ports and other high-traffic areas (i.e., decollisioning)
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Leaders in satellite technology
Lemur Cubesat

Spire was launched in 2012 and already we have one of the largest satellite constellations in the world.

And unlike our competitors, we build and own our satellites. This means our hardware and software is constantly evolving.. More, smarter satellites and more groundstations means more coverage and higher quality data for our customers.

Continuous research, development, and improvement

We are pioneering entirely new technologies that are already changing the way maritime data is collected and analyzed. Some examples of our groundbreaking R&D:

A greater mission

Our philosophy is that greater visibility of the Earth leads to better outcomes for everyone. Some examples of how “big Earth data” is already helping:

  • Improved policing of illegal fishing
  • Aiding in fighting piracy and other security initiatives
  • Helping predict weather-related disasters and aiding in relief efforts

End to end Container visibility

“We needed end-to-end visibility of our container movements to optimize management of our warehouses, drayage, and operations teams. Spire gave us that advantage.” – Louis, Global Supply Chain Manager at a large U.S. based retailer

Powering machine learning

“Our data science team needed to identify berth calls much earlier. By using Spire’s APIs to accurately map the berths at every port around the world, we significantly reduced latency.” – Tyler Holmes, Senior Director of Marketing at ClearMetal Inc.

Anticipating future demand for vessels

“Within the chemical, LPG, and LNG tanker markets, we use Spire to track and forecast future vessel positions of both our fleet and our competitors. This lets us be more competitive, which is critical in today’s market.” – George, European tanker operations

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